[jsword-devel] JSword GoBible Creator

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Aug 8 18:55:36 MST 2009

Hey guys.  How's the GoBible creator from JSword stuff going?

I have another idea for you, in addition to the website download generator:

How about something we can place on our CD which will generate a GoBible 
package from user selected options.  We're pretty tight on space on the 
CD so I don't want to duplicate the data for every module inside a 
GoBible installer, but if we could have an on-demand Generator instead, 
that would be really cool.  The root of CD is a SWORD library 
installations so JSword can grab Bibles from there.

What do ya think?


DM Smith wrote:
> Stephen Denne wrote:
>>>> The code I've got isn't particularly quick at the moment       
>>> (around 80     
>>>> seconds), since I'm passing each verse through an XSLT
>>>> transformation.
>>> The time it takes is not much of an issue. It won't be anywhere near  
>>> that long on the CrossWire server. We may need to put up a "Please 
>>> be  patient" sign.
>> I was curious where the time was going, and found one process taking 
>> up a huge amount of time for no gain:
>> TransformingSAXEventProvider.getTemplateInfo() which was being called 
>> for every verse, checks the last modified time of the
>> stylesheet by calling NetUtil.getLastModified(xsluri) to see whether 
>> it can use a cached copy.
>> Changing the last modified time to 0 meant the time went down to 55 
>> seconds.
>> Could this possibly be changed to a configurable capability?
> Certainly it can be changed.
> I'm really surprised that it is called once for every verse. The pattern 
> that BibleDesktop uses is to gather all the requested verses into a 
> buffer and call the stylesheet once on it. Is it that each verse is 
> indexed and thus built separately in the GoBible module?
> There is a lot of other repeated overhead that happens that we have 
> considered too small given the expected use pattern.
>> TransformerFactory.newInstance() is called for every verse.
>> Inlining that variable to the only place it is used, in 
>> getTemplateInfo() when the stylesheet is not in the cache, means it'll 
>> get
>> called only when needed.
>> The time went down to 34 seconds.
> This too can change.
> Would you open a "bug" in Jira (www.crosswire.org/bugs) against JSword? 
> Just one for both of these would be fine. If you want to work up a patch 
> for it, appending it to the issue, please make yourself the issue owner. 
> Otherwise assign it to me.
> Many thanks,
>    DM Smith
>> Regards,
>> Stephen Denne.
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