[jsword-devel] Alkitab Bible Study 1.5 Released

Tonny Kohar tonny.kohar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 22:46:20 MST 2008


I just released Alkitab Bible Study 1.5, it is available at
http://www.kiyut.com/products/alkitab/ and the source code is at the
usual developer section.

What's new:
- Add Public API for Bookshelf Popup Menu
- Add popup menu "Open" for Bookshelf
- Add popup menu "Properties" for Bookshelf
- Add some missing localization for in_ID
- Some bug fixes
- Updated to use JSword 1.6 (20080913)

Any feedback is very appreciated.

Tonny Kohar
Alkitab Bible Study
imagine, design, create ...

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