[jsword-devel] JSword changes for internationalization

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 8 16:00:26 MST 2008

Dear Translators,

I've been working on some changes regarding internationalization which  
hopefully will aide in doing translations.

One of the difficulties in translating the various Msg.properties  
files is that it is not clear whether all of it needs to be translated  
and if not then what. These files have messages for things that should  
never happen. That is, they catch developer's errors. They have  
messages for things that occur infrequently, if at all, such as, a  
module being corrupted or unreadable. The message files also include  
labels and responses a user's bad input.

So one of the things that Peter and I discussed a while ago was  
splitting the Msg file in two or more parts, with what must be  
translated in one part and the rest in the other parts. To this end, I  
have split the user oriented messages into UserMsg.properties. I have  
done this in jsword,  common and common-swing. I've left it as is in  
bibledesktop, since pretty much all of it has to be translated, but I  
may still do the effort just to be consistent.

I also renamed the "plugin" properties files from XXX.properties to  
XXX.plugin. This was to make it clear that these are for plugins.

The remaining properties files (i.e. everything but Msg.properties)  
should be translated. If any of you find something that I didn't split  
out or shouldn't be translated please let me know and I'll improve it  
for you.

Also, I think I fixed the German License/Warranty problem in the About  
dialog. The "Warranty" still needs to be translated.

In doing this, I found some strings that still need to be translated.  
Please search for the UserMsg.properties files and see if your  
translation is present and if so, how complete it is.

Serving Him together,

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