[jsword-devel] Bug fixes

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 18 13:50:29 MST 2008

I have just rebuilt BD and JSword on the server. You can get the nightly 
build if you have been experiencing problems.

Some of you have noticed that you can no longer download books with 
Bible Desktop.

There were two causes of this:
1) The beta mods.d.tar.gz file had a bogus file. This is no longer in 
there. But if you have it in your mods.d.tar.gz, it will cause BD grief 
until you get the latest nightly or delete it from:

Note .jsword may be in different locations depending on your computer.
On Macs it is /home/youraccount/Library/Application Support/JSword
On Windows it is either:
c:/Documents and Settings/youraccount/.jsword
c:/Documents and Settings/youraccount/Application Data/JSword

2) There were some new features in the beta modules that were 
unexpected. In one the value was all lower case, when it was expected to 
be a particular case. I have change JSword to be more forgiving. But to 
get this fix, you have to get the nightly build. Or edit the beta 
mods.d.tar.gz to remove the offending conf.

Another problem with the Book Installer, you had to delete a module 
before you could upgrade it. Now you can upgrade without deleting.

I've fixed a bug where a verse was reported as present in a compressed 
Bible module.

And I fixed bugs in APIExamples.


In Him,
    DM Smith


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