[jsword-devel] Errors in Nightly Build

Benny Wasty bennywasty at gmx.de
Wed Jun 18 11:16:18 MST 2008


I just downloaded the nightly build of BibleDesktop. When I start it I 
get the "Install Books?" - Dialog. When I choose yes and then also 
confirm the "Allow internet connection" dialog an error pops up:
"An Error has ocurred:
Unexpected internal problem. You may need to restart.

This was caused by:
No description available"

(a side note: the "Install Books?" dialog still has errors in German, 
I'll look into that later if I have time)

When I choose "Books..." from the menu nothing happens. It's the same on 
Mac and Windows.

Another error only shows up on Windows: The "Warranty" tab in the 
"About" dialog is empty when the language is German.
And finally I noticed that on Mac the program starts in English - isn't 
the language usually chosen from the users locale (which would be German 
in my case)?


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