[jsword-devel] BibleDesktop and Persistent window positioning

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 03:50:57 MST 2008

Tested nightly from July 26th. Works well with Vista Home Premium (32 
bit with Aero) on a 1920x1200 screen. The initial size of the BD window 
appears to be 75% and well proportioned. Java 1.6.0_05.

If you maximize BD before closing it, and then restart, it appears 
maximized as expected. However, if you hit the restore button at this 
time, the window actually resizes to a size that is slightly larger than 
my screen. It should resize to the last non-maximized size (at least, 
this is how other windows applications behave).

Nevertheless, an improvement from the previous BD behavior, thanks Adam!


DM Smith wrote:
> I have checked in Adam Thomas' code to persist the position and size  
> of the main BibleDesktop window. After the nightly build, please test  
> it.
> Adam has found a tremendously simpler way to center the window that is  
> used for first run of BD. I'd like to know how it does in different  
> Linux window managers.
> It does very well on Windows and Mac. I'll be testing Gnome on Fedora  
> 9 tomorrow.
> Many thanks to Adam!!!
> In Christ,
> 	DM
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