[jsword-devel] Popups on startup

Benny Wasty bennywasty at gmx.de
Wed Jul 23 02:04:21 MST 2008


I get those popups again I mentioned a few months earlier (see quote 
below). And they mostly come for modules which came with BD (Robinsons, 
Strongs Greek/Hebrew). I wanted to delete them, but it isn't possible to 
delete dictionaries (button greyed out). And I also couldn't update them 
because they have the same version as the ones on Crosswire, only the 
conf differs a bit from what I can see in the Install Manager.
Maybe it would be good to turn these warnings off for the release.

I also got such a warning for a module I created - can I see somewhere 
what the invalid option is?

In Him,

> >
> > And on startup I now get a few popups like "Ignoring Invalid Option:
> > [Module Name]" with Robinsons/Strongs/Personal Commentary/King James
> > Dictionary. I use the modules from my BibleCS installation (as
> > additional book location).

These are warnings that there is an option mentioned in the module  
that is not specified correctly. I have all the modules installed and  
I get a few of these on some of the beta modules. I think all the  
other current modules have the correct values in their conf.

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