[jsword-devel] BD Window Position/Persistence Patch

Adam Thomas adam-thomas at cox.net
Wed Jul 23 00:33:43 MST 2008

As requested I have created a bug ticket and attached my patch to it. You
can access the ticket and patch here:

I fixed the window centering and window default size functionality. I added
a crude persistence class named LayoutPersistence, which is capable of
supporting multi-window size, location, and state persistence. I also
removed the configuration settings for window height and width since
persistence makes those settings deprecated. I was required to do some light
refactoring to cascade my changes through several other classes.

In the future we can add the capability to persist the state of window

I am currently testing on Windows XP and everything appears to be working
fine. I may try testing on Ubuntu Linux as well.

By His Grace,
Adam Thomas
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