[jsword-devel] BibleDesktop Enhancements

Adam Thomas adam-thomas at cox.net
Mon Jul 21 21:39:00 MST 2008

I have some enhancements I would to add to BibleDesktop and wanted to run
them by the group. I am currently running Windows XP.

When I first start BD, after the splash screen disappears, the main DB
window attempts to center and maximize itself. The problem is that the
window is not correctly centered (it's slightly to the left) and the bottom
portion (status bar) of the BD window is behind my Windows Taskbar due to
improper maximizing. I also don't like the fact that BD assumes I want it to
take over my entire screen and maximizes itself.

What I propose:

* The first time BD is run, after the splash screen disappears, the main BD
window centers itself and resizes it's window width and height to a
percentage (ie. 75%) of the screen, rather than assume fullscreen. This also
has the added benifit of shaping the window rectangularly on widescreen lcds
(newer) and squarely on crt (old style) displays, in other words the aspect
ratio of the window fits the monitor it is running on.

* Then the user can manually maximize the main BD window if they desire.

* Finally, BD will persist (remember) window placement and size so that when
BD is started next time, it can pull the previous settings from persisted
info. If the user manually maximized the BD window, it gets maximized the
next launch.

I have already implemented the changes locally, except for the persisting
size and position. Is there already a persistence mechanism in BD, or should
I use a generic .properties file?

Let me know what you think of these proposals.

By the way, is there a particular reason why you didn't simply use
"win.setLocationRelativeTo(null)" to center the window in the "centerWindow"
method of GuiUtil?

I'll generate a formal patch file so you can test the functionality
yourself, if/when you approve my changes.

By His Grace,
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