[jsword-devel] JSword Help Wanted?

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Jul 20 13:45:04 MST 2008

Hi Adam,

I am not a Java developer but one of the translators and had been active
in the internationalisation of BD.

At this moment in time DM is working in getting the 1.0.8 release out of
the door. After that the idea was to moev to a 2.0 release and do some
major reworking.

I am not sure where he is at the moment, but I can give you a list of
open problems.

For 1.08 the most significant are:

In RtoL mode (Farsi, Arabic) chapter and verse in the location bar are
swapped around: Mark 7:15 displays as Mark 15:7. This is approaching to
a show stopper and DM has been tryiong in various ways to resolve it but
has not.

In parallel mode there is a problem if several scripts are on the one
pane - it is impossible to define individual fonts and results are
subsequently ugly - try Armenian and Farsi and Hebrew e.g. - the working
combination of an Iranian Armenian pastor.

Searching in some scripts needs fine tuning - some of our Abjad texts
(Hebrew, Farsi, Arabic)  have diacritics which hinder search. This
causes also problems during search in German or French texts with
ligatures, accents and umlauts while using an English keyboard)

For 2.0 the feature wish list is pretty endless, but the  most
significant matters I am aware of as definetly planned are:

Change of renderer - the current renderer is deeply unsatisfactory and
should get kicked out. In place something is needed that deals with
multiple scripts + fonts, multiple directions of writing and

Integration of GenBookBibles (see sword-devel list for details)

Creation of a personal commentary/journal (Both)


Due to lack of jira at this moment in time some bugs are also listed on
this wikipage:


In Him


Adam Thomas wrote:
> Hello, I have been considering contributing  to the JSword project for some
> time, but based on looking at the development mailing list archives it
> appears that very few bugs and enhancements are flowing in. Most of the
> messages are other projects which use JSword, announcing their new releases.
> What bugs do come in appear to be immediately resolved by DM Smith.
> I also am unable to view feature requests on the bug tracking system, as it
> appears to be down now. The bottom line is there appears to be very little
> development work to be done from my perspective as an outsider. My question
> is, could this project use my Java skills, or is JSword pretty much in
> maintenance mode or doing fine with the current developer staff? If my
> skills can be utilized, where are the feature requests and bugs located so
> that I can get working?
> Regards,
> Adam Thomas
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