[jsword-devel] Locale questions ?

Tonny Kohar tonny.kohar at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 23:27:38 MST 2008


I got questions regarding locale format which is used/will be used by
JSword especially Indonesia locale.
What is the correct locale name which will be used by Jsword
- in_ID
- id

I just do not know how sun come up with in_ID, myself is preferring id.

The sun documentation says it is in_ID as in

But some people  say it should be id.
because it is the new code
"    Unfortunately, ISO codes are not stable, and have changed over
time. There are currently three languages with multiple codes (for
Hebrew, Indonesian, and Yiddish). So that you can communicate both
with new and old software, one strategy is the following:

        * When reading: always read and interpret both of the variants
        * When writing: write the second, (oldest) one - marked with
an asterisk - for legacy applications that cannot manage correctly the
new standard code or for classes of applications for which you are not
certain that they can use the new standard. All applications, file
formats and protocols specified after 1995 should work with the new
standard code (this will include all XML and HTML4.01 applications,
and all applications that can use version 3.0 of the Unicode standard)

So which one I should use that will conform crosswire/jsword/bd policy
regarding this locale, in_ID or id ?

Tonny Kohar
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