[jsword-devel] Alkitab Bible Study 2.1-beta1 released

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Tue Dec 9 02:57:56 MST 2008

Hi Tonny,

Please feel free to make use of the Farsi Translation as you need for


Tonny Kohar wrote:
> Hi,
> I just released Alkitab Bible Study 2.1-beta1 and it is available at
> http://www.kiyut.com/products/alkitab/index.html.
> What's New:
> - Improved Navigator Panel
> - Add Syntax Highlight for View Source (OSIS and HTML)
> - *Add option -J-Dalkitab.orientation=auto|ltr|rtl for experimental RTL support
> * the most prominent change is the new support (experimental) for RTL
> component orientation, now the whole UI will change/shift according to
> the specified orientation. Thanks to GnomeSword screenshot in the
> sword mailing list regarding this matter :)
> * the RTL options must be entered in the
> [install-folder]/etc/alkitab.conf under default_options eg:
> default_options="-J-Xms64m -J-Xmx256m .... -J-Dalkitab.orientation=rtl"
> it has 3 option value:
> - ltr (default), change the orientation to LTR regardless of locale
> - rtl (right to left), change the orientation to RTL regardless of locale
> - auto, automatic change the orientation LTR or RTL  bases on default locale
> It is recommended to use Java 1.6 or higher (it works for Java 1.5 as
> well) due to many LayoutManager orientation bug fixes on Java 1.6
> In this opportunity, I also would like to ask permission to use JSword
> and Bible Desktop localization in Alkitab Bible Study.
> Since I am using very similar phrase/wording on the UI text, so I
> think the existing localization eg: fa, de, zn, vi, etc in JSword and
> BD could be used easily in Alkitab Bible Study.
> So how do I contact the copyright owners of those translation for permission ?
> If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to drop me a note.
> Cheers
> Tonny Kohar

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