[jsword-devel] Hello and about some things

Brook Humphrey webmedic at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 07:41:53 MST 2007

I have been helping around the sword project for years with little 
things but never programming until now.

I really liked the way the cross project had done certain things and am 
wanting to take a jab at modifying the code for what I want. I have 
never done any real java programming before this but I have many years 
of programming with other languages.

While looking through the code for cross I noticed that there are allot 
of warning for the jsword parts of it. Unfortunately I'm not familiar 
enough with java yet to really know why it is complaining. Right now I'm 
dealing more with porting it over to eclipse 3.3 as cross itself wont 
even load due to missing dependencies.

Has anybody here actually looked at this code. Is it pretty clean as far 
as java goes? Are the warning any really big deal?

Thanks for anybodies time to answer this.

Oh and he mentions modifying the jsword classes for use in cross. Does 
anybody know how much they were modified? I would rather like to be able 
to drop the latest jsword right in and go if that is possible.

Thanks again.

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