[jsword-devel] RCP prototype project added to incubator

P. R. B. dysbiote at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 25 19:11:50 MST 2007

Hi Zhaojun,

Thanks a lot for the encouragement. The interface is simple at this point while we hash out ideas. I figure we'll shuffle things around over time and move away from its current "BD-ness". Like you said, the UI and framework are flexible, it's just a matter of determining some objectives/principles to focus on as we come up with new material for it.

I will drop the core projects into 3.2 to check out the OSGi problems. I didn't think about compatibility problems originally, but I think you're right about the OSGi version changing with Eclipse versions.

As far as keeping the branches in sync: We could, as one option, refactor the main branch to handle different implementations. Sort of the "inversion of control" idea, where the factories are configured to use either the OSGi implementation (which would live in a separate jar) or the default JSword implementation (which could live either in the main jar or in a separate one). I kept the OSGi tucked down as far as possible to keep from breaking existing interfaces, so it should be relatively easy to accomplish.

I haven't installed CROSS yet, but the screenshots look very impressive (I'm partial towards your parallel Bible implementation). Are you using mostly XSL transformations for the output in a SWT Browser?

Take care,

Zhaojun Li(ÀîÕÙ¾ü) <lzj369 at gmail.com> wrote: Philip,

I have to say: WOW.

Very neat interface.  I will look at you code soon.

I am not very good at OSGi bundle,  those internal classes
particularly.  However, I applaud your work on those bundles,
including the extension points.  we need to find a way to keep jsword
and commons synchronized with the main BD release. I did not have time
to think about it yet.

I tried to import your projects into 3.2.1. Got some errors on those
OGSi interface. I guess it is because of API changes between eclipse
versions. Anyway, in order to do the RCP bundles, we need the latest
official apis, one reason is the enhancements.

I will work on the 3rd issue. Keep jsword spi synchronized to prevent
you from burning out. :)

For the interface, I think we do not need to be limited by BD. Let us
hear from DM that what he wants to add to the interface . You know,
Jface and swt views, editors are very flexible and easy to use.  If
you have any idea, maybe I can help out. For me, I go with websword
interface.  You can check out at http://xinxinxin.org, my personal

In Love,


On 1/22/07, P. R. B.  wrote:
> Hi Zhaojun,
> Thanks a lot for taking a look at what's out there. I checked in some
> additions this evening if you want to look at them -- nothing major. Here's
> a link to a screenshot of the change (275kb):
> http://paristano.org/public/jsword/rcp_prototype_2.jpg
> As to your points:
> 1) I agree that the version should be updated at some point. I used 3.1 to
> keep it at the same level as the existing JSword projects, but otherwise
> there's nothing to keep us from upgrading it.
> 2) The vendor jars have the necessary OSGi bundle information in their
> respective manifest.mf files. Is there something else that should be in
> there with them?
> 3) You're more than welcome to help out with this one ;)
> I'm playing around with other view and editor ideas, so let me know if you
> think of anything that you think would be worth seeing.
> Take care,
> -Phillip
> Zhaojun Li(ÀîÕÙ¾ü)  wrote:
>  HI, Philip.
> Good work!
> I am finalizing my rcp . I checked into svn at
> xin.sourceforge.org(Because I did not have ant test classes defined ,
> it seems I will never have time to do it now because my employer
> demands me to work on c# from now on). Right now, it works fine. It
> mimics websword and has English and Chinese locales . I still have
> several places need to be improved. Right now, it support preferences,
> update sites. Included also a rssreader. I even added a tray
> I am trying to decrease the total size of the app. So I tested you
> work in my app, I noticed several places that can be improved:
> 1. It seems you are using eclipse 3.1. Since 3.3 is almost out, it
> makes sense to upgrade to 3.2.1., the official release.(I am using
> 3.2.1, will upgrade to 33 once it comes out)
> 2. Vendor folder only contains the jar files with out a metainfo. It
> makes sense to include them to commons by adding the them to runtime
> classpath and export the packages.
> 3. The jsword source code is not updated.
> Zhaojun
> On 1/14/07, P. R. B. wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I added a RCP prototype application to the incubator. The application's
> > current views function similar to the BibleDesktop frames (e.g. a view
> that
> > lists the non-Bible books, one that displays the selected book's keys). I
> > don't intend to duplicate BibleDesktop across the board, but what's there
> > now will give us something to start with. For those who aren't interested
> in
> > loading and running it just to see what it looks like (and there's not
> much
> > to see at this point), I have a screen shot here (270kb):
> > http://paristano.org/public/jsword/rcp_prototype.jpg
> >
> > The same steps used to set up the OSGi test application (sent out
> > previously) apply to setting up this project as well.
> >
> > This may be a good time to discuss (again?) what perspectives and
> > functionality we'd like to see in the final RCP application. I figure the
> > prototype will serve as a sandbox for us in which to play with different
> > options.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > -Phillip
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