[jsword-devel] RCP prototype project added to incubator

Zhaojun Li(李召军) lzj369 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 14:58:33 MST 2007


I have to say: WOW.

Very neat interface.  I will look at you code soon.

I am not very good at OSGi bundle,  those internal classes
particularly.  However, I applaud your work on those bundles,
including the extension points.  we need to find a way to keep jsword
and commons synchronized with the main BD release. I did not have time
to think about it yet.

I tried to import your projects into 3.2.1. Got some errors on those
OGSi interface. I guess it is because of API changes between eclipse
versions. Anyway, in order to do the RCP bundles, we need the latest
official apis, one reason is the enhancements.

I will work on the 3rd issue. Keep jsword spi synchronized to prevent
you from burning out. :)

For the interface, I think we do not need to be limited by BD. Let us
hear from DM that what he wants to add to the interface . You know,
Jface and swt views, editors are very flexible and easy to use.  If
you have any idea, maybe I can help out. For me, I go with websword
interface.  You can check out at http://xinxinxin.org, my personal

In Love,


On 1/22/07, P. R. B. <dysbiote at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Zhaojun,
> Thanks a lot for taking a look at what's out there. I checked in some
> additions this evening if you want to look at them -- nothing major. Here's
> a link to a screenshot of the change (275kb):
> http://paristano.org/public/jsword/rcp_prototype_2.jpg
> As to your points:
> 1) I agree that the version should be updated at some point. I used 3.1 to
> keep it at the same level as the existing JSword projects, but otherwise
> there's nothing to keep us from upgrading it.
> 2) The vendor jars have the necessary OSGi bundle information in their
> respective manifest.mf files. Is there something else that should be in
> there with them?
> 3) You're more than welcome to help out with this one ;)
> I'm playing around with other view and editor ideas, so let me know if you
> think of anything that you think would be worth seeing.
> Take care,
> -Phillip
> Zhaojun Li(ÀîÕÙ¾ü) <lzj369 at gmail.com> wrote:
>  HI, Philip.
> Good work!
> I am finalizing my rcp . I checked into svn at
> xin.sourceforge.org(Because I did not have ant test classes defined ,
> it seems I will never have time to do it now because my employer
> demands me to work on c# from now on). Right now, it works fine. It
> mimics websword and has English and Chinese locales . I still have
> several places need to be improved. Right now, it support preferences,
> update sites. Included also a rssreader. I even added a tray
> I am trying to decrease the total size of the app. So I tested you
> work in my app, I noticed several places that can be improved:
> 1. It seems you are using eclipse 3.1. Since 3.3 is almost out, it
> makes sense to upgrade to 3.2.1., the official release.(I am using
> 3.2.1, will upgrade to 33 once it comes out)
> 2. Vendor folder only contains the jar files with out a metainfo. It
> makes sense to include them to commons by adding the them to runtime
> classpath and export the packages.
> 3. The jsword source code is not updated.
> Zhaojun
> On 1/14/07, P. R. B. wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I added a RCP prototype application to the incubator. The application's
> > current views function similar to the BibleDesktop frames (e.g. a view
> that
> > lists the non-Bible books, one that displays the selected book's keys). I
> > don't intend to duplicate BibleDesktop across the board, but what's there
> > now will give us something to start with. For those who aren't interested
> in
> > loading and running it just to see what it looks like (and there's not
> much
> > to see at this point), I have a screen shot here (270kb):
> > http://paristano.org/public/jsword/rcp_prototype.jpg
> >
> > The same steps used to set up the OSGi test application (sent out
> > previously) apply to setting up this project as well.
> >
> > This may be a good time to discuss (again?) what perspectives and
> > functionality we'd like to see in the final RCP application. I figure the
> > prototype will serve as a sandbox for us in which to play with different
> > options.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > -Phillip
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