[jsword-devel] CROSS 0.1 beta test version released, jsword plugin included.

Zhaojun Li(李召军) lzj369 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 13:10:01 MST 2007

Help needed to test this release and get feed back.

Download link:


Project home page:


If you are a developer, please make sure to visit the project host SVN
to view the source code
source code repository

Next release will include p2p resource sharing. Yes, your computer is
a web server, a conference center, a forum, a blog server. Publish you
song, your book, you blog without headache.

About CROSS:
CROSS (Cannon Resource Organizing and Sharing System) is a platform to
enable resource sharing between Christians. Built on Java, CROSS will
include blog sharing, forum sharing, file sharing , instant messaging
as well as a set of standard tools such as bible study, RSS. CROSS is
based on Eclipse RCP, it keeps expending to include new features that
demanded by users.

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