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Right now, SWORD is almost there but JSword is not.

The Sword developers are working on an implementation to get it to  
work. It is based on VerseTreeKey and GenBook. Basically the idea for  
a GenBook (general book) is that it's keys are unpredictable but can  
be represented as a tree /a/b/c in some form that is appropriate for  
the book.

There are two forms that a module can be built from:

a) OSIS where the <div> elements are tagged in such a way that it can  
discern a key. The input is processed by xml2gbs to create a module.  
It could also be ThML but OSIS is recommended. (See my email to sword- 
devel on May 31, 2006 for details)

b) An "imp" format of
data for /1/1/1
data for 2/2/2
For this imp2gbs would be used.

JSword has something akin to a TreeKey, called Key. Key is an  
interface that defines a parent/child relationship. It may be  
appropriate for that to be used. The large difficultly for JSword is  
that it uses a BitMap to hold passages, where every verse maps to a  
position in the map. If you look at BibleInfo, you will see that this  
is hard coded.

With the deutro-canonical, apocryphal books,  there is not a  
consistent numbering of the verses among the different versions. So  
*a* static map cannot handle it.  The map is per Bible.

Rather than solving it just for the apocrypha, the Sword developers  
are solving the more general problem of "Alternate Versification" or  
v11n. Simply, some bibles use a different numbering system than the  
KJV. Another challenge of v11n is mapping on v11n scheme to another  
so that one could present an interlinear view.

You can also search sword-devel for v10n (a typo of mine), v11n and  
versification to see a full discussion of it. My post of Mar 23, 2006  
to sword-devel gives a design of how to handle OSIS documents  
directly. This would be an additional mechanism to the one that Sword  
is using. I believe BibleTime is engineering something close to this  
solution. I think they are planning to use a database to hold the  
discovered versification.

BTW the GenBook is the one module type that JSword does not handle at  
this time.

Hope this helps some.

In Him,

On Oct 13, 2006, at 3:13 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:

> Hi List.
> I'm wondering if sword or jsword can handle apokryphs in a bible book?
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