[jsword-devel] BibleInfo.properties and fallback

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 2 06:50:51 MST 2006

I have implemented this as Manfred suggested. I also created a new 
package org.crosswire.jsword.versification and refactored code dealing 
with this into it. In doing so, I created a couple of new classes 
BibleNames, OSISNames and SectionNames. These used to be handled by 

For a non-default locale, BibleInfo will read in default Bible names and 
use that as a fallback. Still, OSISNames are checked first for an 
"exact" match. This may give the appearance that English is being 
checked first. The reason for looking at OSIS names first is that the 
vast majority of lookups are against programmatically generated 
references or are cross-references contained within a document.

The presence of document cross-references also requires support of 
English as a fall-back.

Right now there may be bugs in what I checked in as I have a lot more 
testing to do.

Manfred Bergmann wrote:
> I would prefer the second way.
> If there is no property file for the current locale, te default 
> (english) locale will be used anyway.
> If it is there, the book name key will first be tested against the 
> current locale, if it does not fit, the english or the default locale 
> is used.
> Best regards,
> Manfred
> Am 30.09.2006 um 13:02 schrieb DM Smith:
>> To have English as a fallback, we need to do one of two things:
>>     1) the BibleInfo_de.properties is augmented with English
>>     2) we create a mechanism to have English read in separately and also
>> used.
>> The former is the easiest wrt software. The latter is a bit harder,
>> but represents an easier path for translators. Perhaps there is
>> another option that I am missing.
>> In Him,
>>     DM
>> On Sep 30, 2006, at 5:06 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>>> Hi all.
>>> DM, you added the german translation for BibleInfo.
>>> With this only german Bible book names are known, AFAIK.
>>> It would however be very nice to have english (for every other
>>> language) as fallback, means that for every other translation at
>>> least english is also known so the user can type either english book
>>> names or his native language book names.
>>> I have gotten used to english book names and stuff and I would not
>>> miss it even though the application itself may be in german.
>>> How can this be accomplished?
>>> Best regards,
>>> Manfred

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