[jsword-devel] Announcing BibleDesktop 1.0.3

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 29 12:12:05 MST 2006

Are there any plans to add zLD book support to JSword? I've been working 
on a number of nice new dictionaries I got from Perseus, but they're 
very big, heavily tagged dictionaries, so they desperately need 
compression. (They shrink to 1/4-1/3 their uncompressed size with zLD 
using ZIP compression.) I'd really wanted to give out copies of 
BibleDesktop with a Latin dictionary to my Latin class, but discovered 
that there's no zLD support. :( That also means that one of our more 
popular modules (WebstersDict) isn't supported either.

I'll probably look to contribute some filters to JSword to support TEI 
once I get basic functionality working in (C++) Sword and all of its 
target markup formats.

I hear you on the Mac Mini. :) I've got the original, so its dreadfully 
slow, but they're nice machines. I'll probably turn mine into a kitchen 
computer with an under-cabinet LCD, since the Mini itself will fit so 
nicely in a cabinet. :)


DM Smith wrote:
> We have just released BibleDesktop 1.0.3.
> This release makes the viewing of Bible text more pleasant, especially 
> Bibles with lots of notes.
> There are lots of small bug fixes. (e.g. downloads were all saying that 
> the download was 1.9K).
> There were some changes to support ESV from Crossway, the NET from 
> Bible.org, and the KJV update from Crosswire. These will be released soon.
> Support has been added for locked books. You will need to contact the 
> publisher to purchase an unlock key. After installing a locked book, go 
> to the "Installed Books" tab, select the locked book and click on 
> "Unlock". Enter the unlock code you got from the publisher. If you get 
> it wrong, the book won't unlock and you'll know it because viewing  it 
> will produce lots of errors and if it does show anything, it will look 
> like junk. If you do get it wrong, just click on the Unlock button again 
> and correct the problem.
> The NET Bible from Bible.org comes in a free edition and a locked 
> edition. The locked edition has lots of notes. There is a problem with 
> the locked edition, which Bible.org is working on and that is the last 
> verse of each chapter shows the notes incorrectly making the verse very 
> hard to read.
> The other locked book which is available is GerHfa2002 -- Hoffnung fuer 
> alle - Die Bibel. It is a German Bible.
> On another note: I have been doing almost all my development  for this 
> release on a Mac Mini and BibleDesktop looks better on it than Windows 
> or Linux. It is a very fast and an enjoyably silent machine.
> Enjoy!
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