[jsword-devel] Announcing BibleDesktop 1.0.3

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 24 18:33:23 MST 2006

We have just released BibleDesktop 1.0.3.

This release makes the viewing of Bible text more pleasant,  
especially Bibles with lots of notes.

There are lots of small bug fixes. (e.g. downloads were all saying  
that the download was 1.9K).

There were some changes to support ESV from Crossway, the NET from  
Bible.org, and the KJV update from Crosswire. These will be released  

Support has been added for locked books. You will need to contact the  
publisher to purchase an unlock key. After installing a locked book,  
go to the "Installed Books" tab, select the locked book and click on  
"Unlock". Enter the unlock code you got from the publisher. If you  
get it wrong, the book won't unlock and you'll know it because  
viewing  it will produce lots of errors and if it does show anything,  
it will look like junk. If you do get it wrong, just click on the  
Unlock button again and correct the problem.

The NET Bible from Bible.org comes in a free edition and a locked  
edition. The locked edition has lots of notes. There is a problem  
with the locked edition, which Bible.org is working on and that is  
the last verse of each chapter shows the notes incorrectly making the  
verse very hard to read.

The other locked book which is available is GerHfa2002 -- Hoffnung  
fuer alle - Die Bibel. It is a German Bible.

On another note: I have been doing almost all my development  for  
this release on a Mac Mini and BibleDesktop looks better on it than  
Windows or Linux. It is a very fast and an enjoyably silent machine.


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