[jsword-devel] Windows Installer

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 5 16:04:21 MST 2006

I have just checked in a windows installer and a new windows executable.

You can find these in CVS under bibledesktop/etc/installer as setup.exe 
and bibledesktop.exe

Setup.exe will do a typical install, creating a program group, shortcuts 
and an uninstaller.
At this time the uninstaller does not get rid of ~/.jsword or anything 
under it. It probably should offer to do it.

BibleDesktop.exe is contained in Setup.exe. If Java 1.4.2 or greater is 
not installed on the users computer, it will offer to download it. 
During the download a nice progress meter will show. After Java is 
installed it will then run BibleDesktop.

Note, it only works when it is in the same directory as the jar files as 
it dynamically creates a classpath for files in the same directory.

Please give it a try and provide feedback. I would like to know whether 
it works on other Windows platforms. I have only tested it on WindowsXP.

I figure we can continue to make it better after the release. One 
thought I had was to provide two (or more installers). One would be the 
regular setup, but would have a section to allow download of modules 
groups. (e.g. Bible Student Study Pack: a Strong's Keyed Bible,  
Strong's Greek & Hebrew, Robinsons) The other would contain a starter 
packs of Bibles, Dictionaries, Daily Devotions and the like.

I'll have it on BibleDesktop's download page before too long and will 
post when it is there.

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