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Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at yahoo.de
Wed Aug 30 10:47:42 MST 2006

Thx for your answers so far.

Am 30.08.2006 um 19:33 schrieb DM Smith:

> Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> Hi DM.
>> Ok, I had a look at the open Issues.
>> Now I have some questions:
>> 1. I checked out the complete trunk from the svn repository and
>> created Netbeans projects (Eclipse is very unstable on my system, but
>> Netbeans 5.x is fine)
> I am running Eclipse 3.2 on Max OS 10.4.7, Mac Mini (Intel) and I have
> no stability problems.

Doesn't matter, Netbeans 5.x has made a huge jump and nearly overtook  

>>  and managed to compile and run bibledesktop.
>> But if I run it this way, the menu is in the window again instead of
>> the main menu on the Mac. If I run the AppBundle all is fine. Can
>> someone give a hint what I am doing wrong here?
> You need to set a property or two in your execution script.
> apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar=true
> com.apple.mrj.application.apple.menu.about.name=BibleDesktop
> If you find others please let me know.

I execute using Ant Exec task.
For the Application Bundle this property is set using "Info.plist".
How is the Application Bundle generated, is there a script that does  
the job?
Did you create the directory structure once with Jar Bundler and just  
change the jar libraries in the Resources folder?

>> 2. I have bought an encrypted german module called Hfa. It includes a
>> bible text and a dictionary. I can choose the dictionary with the
>> ListView on the right upper side but the content isn't displayed
>> correctly. There only are strange characters.
>> What is going wrong here? Is this an open issue already?
> It is likely that the module's conf does not have the encoding  
> correct.
> There should be a line:
> Encoding=UTF-8

Ok, I try that.

Best wishes,

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