[jsword-devel] Request assignment to the open issues bellow

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 06:22:09 MST 2006

Kurt Andrews wrote:
> Folks,
> Just a couple of questions on getting involved in the project:

Kurt, Welcome to the JSword team! We are really excited about you 
getting involved!
> I was poking around in jira looking for something to tackle and I'd 
> like to request assignment to the following open issues
> js-11 write support for book/bookDriver
> js-12 personal commentary

FYI. There is a rudimentary framework for writing, but the calls are 
stubbed out. Also, there is an activate/inactivate mechanism which is 
used in maintaining whether the read cache of the module is valid or not.

> js-31 local file system installer (does this include application 
> installation or just modules?)

Just the modules. Basically, the BibleDesktop -> Tools -> Books is what 
we refer to as the installer. On it there is an Edit Site button, which 
brings up a site definition dialog. In the code, we used to have a 
dropdown to choose the kind of installer to pick and then the form would 
switch to show the pertinent fields for that installer type. The 
dropdown should be put back with a choice for the SWORD http installer 
and your SWORD local installer. The local installer should provide a 
field for the directory for a local install. It probably will be a CD or 
a network share where the modules are located. Since it is a local 
installer, having a filesystem browser would be nice. When we did this 
before, we found that we had to allow for files to be picked, but we 
understood it as picking the directory containing the file.

> I couldn't find a way to assign myself but I could have been suffering 
> from drain bamage or something.

Nope, you are not brain dead. I had to add you to the jira-developers 
group. Then you show up on the dropdown and you get an "Assign to me" 
link on the issue page. This is a global ability but please use it for 
the JSword, Common and BibleDesktop projects. If you want to tackle any 
other issuse in other projects talk to the project owner first.

I've assigned one, you can do the rest.

> I'm looking for a way to get my feet wet with OSIS markup?  Does 
> anyone have any small pieces that I can help with.

There may be, but the only one I know of at this time is 
www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/kjv2006. This is reasonably near being finished.

Within JSword there are a couple of ways to become familiar with OSIS. 
One is to modify the xslt that we use to display it. This is located at 

Another way is to look at the examples: org.crosswire.jsword.examples 
(o.c.j.examples) , especially *ToOsis.java.

And you might find how we actually convert from ThML/GBF/PlainText/OSIS 
-> OSIS -> HTML instructive.
This consists of two parts:
1) A filter for each supported encoding that converts to OSIS. (see 
2) The transformation from that result to HTML. (see 

> I've got a couple of project deadlines that are going to keep me 
> pretty busy until the end of May.  So if any of these are on a 
> critical timeline and need to be assigned to someone else, just let me 
> know.

Not a problem. We code as God gives us time. We release when we the code 
is ready.

> Also, does anyone know if there is a beta of the ESV module available 
> for testing?

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