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Mon Apr 10 21:27:47 MST 2006

On 4/10/06, DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> webmedic wrote:
> > I'm kind of curious if you plan to impliment support for genbook?
> Supporting genbook is on our list of things todo.
> We are also planning to support OSIS encoded files directly as a reader
> and possibly with search capabilities (especially for Bibles)
> I think that we may do the latter before the former.
> If we do the latter, we would convert the former to OSIS to make
> GenBooks available.
> This may change because Sword is planning to use GenBook format to solve
> the general alternate versification problem (i.e. Bibles that number
> verses differently than the King James) and we prioritize support of all
> Sword Bibles very high.
> >
> > Also what are teh limits for a module size? I notice that you have
> > disabled the websters dictionary. Is that becasue of siz?
> BibleDesktop (and JSword, which BibleDesktop is built upon) imposes no
> limits to a modules size. Limits are imposed by your operating system.
> We don't support webster's dictionary because we haven't implemented a
> decoder for it (same as for GenBook). Webster's is the only book that
> uses that particular encoding.
> Supporting that encoding is on our list of things to do. But it is not
> very high on my prioritization of the things to do.
> You can see the entire list at www.crosswire.org/bugs under jsword,
> common and bibledesktop.
> Did you have a particular interest in a particular GenBook or Webster's
> dictionary?

Sorry I have been helping and around the sword project for years but have
never really
done much with modules before. I find now that i have quite a few genbook
type modules I need to support but so far it looks like bibletime is going
to be the only viable alternative.

I have considered working with jsword but to be honest I have not done any
real java programming. It is not to different from the other languages I
know though and I am not looking forward to taking a stab at c or c++ so
that leaves me working with possibly jsword to get the functionality I want.

This would also mean that that jsword would need to support waht I need
since I would mostly be focusing on wqorking on bibledesktop. I do
understnad the differences. as in jsword being more like the libs and
bibledesktop being the front end gui.

I wanted ot change the handeling of texts texts though and also load genbook
more or less as a bible for reading. By this I mean into the same reading
area not how jsword handels genbook. I also need the ability to search
multiple items at once.  Since I noticed that you had laready implimted
lucene I figured that bibledesktop would be a good candidate for this.



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