[jsword-devel] New feature

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 22 05:42:27 MST 2005

I am adding a button to the Book Installer for a user to "Remove Index". 
This will be on the Available Books page, next to the "Delete" book 
button. The button is disabled unless the selected book is indexed.

I encountered a couple of problems:
1) The LuceneIndexer opens the index at first use or at creation and 
does not release it for the rest of the program. Under Windows, the 
index silently fails to delete, as you cannot delete a file that is 
currently being used. This was easy to fix. I had never given much look 
at the Activator. Pretty cool there Joe!

2) The "book" in the installer is not the same "book" in the Bible 
picker in the main window. If the selected book is unindexed, it does 
not change state. The user has to select another book and then reselect 
it for the change to be visible. (I'm checking in what I have so far, 
because the problem is minor.) The obvious solution is that both share 
the same book. I have not begun to look at it. Probably tonight.

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