[jsword-devel] Strong's Links now switch books

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 20 19:32:45 MST 2005

Using Strongs has been a pain, because you had to switch to the correct 
Strong's work and then click on the link.
Now clicking on the link will switch to the correct Strongs.
Also, have it set up to switch to the default commentary and the default 
Greek and Hebrew Morphology dictionaries.
These will work as soon as we put the morphology links into simple.xsl.

To get this to work took a bit of plumbing.

I added hasFeature(FeatureType feature) to Book and BookMetaData.
FeatureType can be one of Glossary, Daily Devotion, GreekDef, HebrewDef, 
GreekParse, and HebrewParse.
These correspond to the Feature field of the conf. (I ignored StrongsDef).

I also added the ability to set options for Greek and Hebrew Definitions 
and Parsing to the Options page.
Later, I want to have this prepopulated with the books that can be used 
from those that can be installed.
Then the program can offer to download it at the appropriate time.

In making this change, Defaults.java got kinda repetitious. So I created 
a class DefaultBook to store the behavior of a default book. I also 
added a few more BookFilters.

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