[jsword-devel] Cancel of Download and Index works

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 05:54:55 MST 2005

I have fixed the cancel problem.
I added the ability to prevent canceling during sensitive times (like 
unzipping the module) and used it for the download.
I caused the indexer to build to an alternate location and then rename it.
It does not clean up the intermediate directory, but will reuse it on 
the next indexing.

Thought on "match".
I found where the PassageTally was limited to 20 hits and I marked it w/ 
In find(String word) it used to create a PassageTally and now it does not.
I was thinking that in the PassageTally might just be the right thing to 
I think it might be good if match returned an ordered, prioritized 
answer set.
This includes the Key Sidebar.
Or maybe, match and ordered/prioritized are two different options.

Probably too much for 0.9.9.

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