[jsword-devel] BD-34 Switching to correct dictionary/lexicon

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 5 07:53:58 MST 2005

I am thinking about how to implement the switching to the correct 
In the conf the Feature tag there are several values that can be used to 
know if a book is the right one.
GreekDef   ==> strongsgreek.conf, greekhebrew.conf
HebrewDef   ==> strongshebrew.conf, hebrewgreek.conf
GreekParse   ==> robinson.conf
HebrewParse   ==> none
StrongsNumbers ==> various bibles

Also there are some values in GlobalOptionFilter that can be useful
[* can be GBF, ThML or OSIS]

I think that *Strongs and Strongs numbers can be paired to a module that 
is *Def.
And that *Morph that can be paired with *Parse.

Interestingly, (meaning I don't know what to make of it, yet):
Something can have a GlobalOptionFilter=*Strongs and not a 
(This occurs in frelsg.conf, gerlut.conf, rst.conf, rwebster.conf and 

Putting this together:
On the Config page allow a pick of modules for each of *Def and *Parse 
from the modules that are available.
(The reason for using available rather than installed will become clear 
If there are no modules available for a Feature, then don't show the 
combo box.
For each of these define a recommended default. This would be defined in 
language dependent property file.
For english the values would be strongsgreek, strongshebrew and 

Add to the view menu the ability to turn on and off strongs links.
This value would be passed to the xslt to show or hide links.
Changing the value would cause the current passage to be reset.
If the current bible does not support strongs then the option would be 
unchecked and disabled, or it would not be present.
When the bible supports strongs the option would default to unchecked.

When the user turns on the strongs option, then the program would check 
to see if it is installed and if not then offer the user the ability to 
install it. Not exactly sure how to handle this as the bible may be both 
NT and OT or just one or the other. I am thinking that it would install 
both GreekDef and HebrewDef.

Also, I am thinking that when any toggle on the view menu is changed, 
that it would be noted in a property file.
For the strongs value, this would be a per bible setting.

Once I get this to work, I think it will be trivial to add other toggles 
for notes, footnotes, Jesus's words in red, verse per line, ....
This would eliminate the maintenance of several xslt files.

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