[jsword-devel] Presentation and license question

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Mar 1 10:39:41 MST 2005

Sergio Queiroz wrote:
> I'm also thinking of working in a Bible module for the "Bible David
> Martin", a nice public domain french translation available in the web at
> http://www.biblemartin.com/bible/bible_frm.htm . Apparently the only
> bible french module available is the "Louis Segond" bible. Do you guys
> know if anyone is working on making the Martin translation available?

I'm working on it. We had some problems with our testing system (namely 
we couldn't post things for people to test at all) and that was slowing 
our release process for modules. But that is all fixed now, so we should 
see modules become available for testing (and eventually release) very 
very soon.


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