[jsword-devel] Presentation and license question

Sergio Queiroz srmq at srmq.org
Tue Mar 1 09:45:05 MST 2005

Le mardi 22 février 2005 à 18:40 -0500, DM Smith a écrit :
> I guess the bigger question is "Do you still want to help?" knowing that 
> code developed here is not to be used for commercial development.
> Hope so!
> Personally, I want to use my skills for God and His people. I want the 
> richness of the scripture to be available to all.
> You can go to http://www.crosswire.org/bugs to see what is left for 1.0 
> and what we have planned for beyond that.
> Our tracking is listed under "Bible Desktop", "JSword", and "Common" 
> (GUI, application, and utilities, respectively)
> Let us know what you would like to do and we can help you get started.
> If you find something else to work on, post it to this group for discussion.
> It appears that the UI is becoming solidified and we could probably use 
> help in translating the interface to other languages. We think that we 
> have the foundation for internationalization already done so it should 
> probably be fairly straightforward.
> You can use any development environment you wish, but Joe and I are 
> using Eclipse 3.x (eclipse.org). So we have project definitions for 
> that. Everything is under CVS. (We will migrate to SVN after 1.0)

Hi DM Smith!

I completely agree with you that God's scriptures should be available to
all, thats exactly why I get worried about license incompatibilities in
the first place. Imagine the scenario where after a long time of hard
work in JSword we couldn't distribute it because of legal stuff about
licenses. But I agree that is rather unlikely that this kind of problem
will appear for JSword. 

I also use Eclipse for development, it's a wonderful tool. One thing
that interests me is native compiled java programs. Do you know Swingwt,
which allows that Swing programs be native compiled with GCJ to a native
one, using SWT? Has anyone already tried to compile jsword? 

I'm also thinking of working in a Bible module for the "Bible David
Martin", a nice public domain french translation available in the web at
http://www.biblemartin.com/bible/bible_frm.htm . Apparently the only
bible french module available is the "Louis Segond" bible. Do you guys
know if anyone is working on making the Martin translation available?

God bless,

Sergio Queiroz <srmq at srmq.org>

P.S.: Sorry for the long time to answer e-mails. I've been very busy

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