[jsword-devel] BibleDesktop in SWT

Mete Kural metekural at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 27 11:09:16 MST 2005

Specifically, it provides a framework for user preferences (which are 
more complete than what BD has), for saving program state (which BD 
lacks) and for allowing the user to arrange the BibleDesktop's desktop 
as they wish (which we don't do). The latter would allow for different 
kinds of users to have different kinds of desktops. For example, some 
may want to use BD for a daily reader and they don't need or want 
everything else that is currently present.

Yes all of these can be done with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Please keep in mind that the Eclipse Rich Client Platform is not exactly the same with Eclipse, the IDE. It is rather the base platform that Eclipse IDE was built upon. Eclipse Rich Client Platform is a general use desktop application framework for any kind of desktop application. So it would be quite appropriate to build BibleDesktop based on.


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