[jsword-devel] Class Dependencies

Read, James C K0434995 at kingston.ac.uk
Mon Feb 28 21:40:15 MST 2005

I have tried getting my hands dirty with some of the simpler JSword API methods
but get compile errors stating the non existence of the API packages.

I have stated the correct import statements for the JSword packages needed.
I have tried compiling in the .jsword and the JSword200* dirs where the 
JAR archives appear to be.

Do I need to extract the classes from the archives to make them visible to my 
classes or am I just compiling my classes in the wrong place?

I have got Eclipse running and have managed to check out some stuff from the 
repository. To play with the nightly builds on my box and see how the changes are 
going what do I need to do? I read something in the mailings about automated builds 
with ant (not sure what ant is or does). Do I need to clean away my JSword from my box
and install the nightly build? Or does it all run from Eclipse (never used Eclipse before).

Thanks for your patience guys. I'll get there in the end and hopefully be able to start making
a productive contribution.

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