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Sat Feb 26 14:44:58 MST 2005

Some further explanations:

The rawtext modules look like text, but they aren't. The are indexed. 
There is no guarantee that all content in a rawtext module's data file 
will be accessible through the API. Reading a rawtext module directly 
will not give you a complete picture of the module because it encodes 
what limited versification information there is in the index. And there 
is, furthermore, no guarantee that the verses in a rawtext module are 
ordered (in some cases, they are not). So the answer is: make sure you 
use an API. Modifying the data file of a rawtext module will, in all 
probability, make the module useless (unless you happen to not change 
the number of bytes within the verse you are modifying).

As DM Smith notes, ztext modules are compressed, not encrypted. It's z 
as in zip or Lempel-Ziv. We can encrypt content also, but that's not 
what you're looking at.

Sword (in general, being both the C/C++ API and JSword) doesn't just use 
OSIS. Most of the C/C++-based frontends do not generate OSIS as an 
output format from the library. The Win32 frontend generates RTF and 
most of the others generate some form of HTML.


Read, James C wrote:
> Thanks for the info.
> One last question though. I still don't understand the format of the modules. The rawtext modules open up with a text editor or a hexeditor just as it says on the tin (as raw text). Whereas the ztext modules open up as encrypted garbage. Are these modules just encrypted text files? If so is there a reason for the encryption? I read the info for one who would like to submit a module that they should prepare it as OSIS and submit that which is then transformed into a module. Why would we be transforming from OSIS to module format(whatever that may be) and then back to OSIS when we want to do something with it? 
> Finally if at all possible could I be sent a simple example of a java class that accesses a module and performs a simple action with the text please? It would save me some time in working throught the API and guessing which are the relevant methods and it would also be very greatly appreciated.
> James Christian
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