[jsword-devel] Presentation and license question

Mete Kural metekural at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 22 17:17:54 MST 2005

That's great. Thanks.

--- DM Smith <dmsmith555 at yahoo.com> wrote:

    Java does render RtoL, LtoR and BiDi text with
consistent rules. To thebest of
my recollection, it uses the user's locale to
determine the dominatedirection and
uses that to layout the components and text in that
direction. If itencounters
text that is the opposite direction, it lays that out,
word by word, inthat direction.

Each of the containers has a component orientation
that is governed bythe user's
locale. I don't think it handles a top to bottom
orientation, but justRtoL and LtoR.

So that said, I think that translating our properties
files is all thatis needed to
do internationalization and localization.

We support the right to left for Hebrew (and other
RtoL) biblicaltexts. That took special effort.

Mete Kural wrote:  
Just a quick question here.  
We think that we have the foundation for
internationalization alreadydone so it should probably
be fairly straightforward.    
Does the built-in internationalization also
supportright-to-left languages out of the
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