[jsword-devel] Bug

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 16 05:18:32 MST 2005

I am attaching the following comment to JS-9 in the Bug database. This 
is about the user's experience
on installing books and using them without restarting the application.

I am able to confirm the problem, starting the program for the first 
time and decline to install anything.

There are several specific problems that I have observed.
Problems with the Bible picker on the main screen:
1) When it is empty, it is too small.
2) When a first Bible is installed, it does not resize to show the Bible.
3) When a first Bible is installed, it does not automatically select it.
   This forces the user to take action to get the main screen "enabled".
After installing a first Bible, restarting the application clears up 
these problems.

In the options window, I have observed these problems:
1) After installing a first Bible, that Bible does not show up in the 
list of Bibles to pick from for a default.
2) Same with Commentary.
Restarting does cause the binding of the first Bible/Commentary in the 
list to be picked.
Not the first one installed, which I think it should.

Also, in looking at the program startup diagnostics for the Options, I 
think that they can be improved.

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