[jsword-devel] Big checkin

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 21 13:45:42 MST 2005

I have just checked in Willie's GUI changes (sorry it took so long 
Willie). They look much better.

I also added the ability to use a proxy for downloads. This took quite a 
bit of doing. I used jakarta common's httpclient to do the work. It adds 
a bit to the download, but it is still not as big as it was a couple of 
releases ago :) However, I am not sure it works as I don't have a proxy 
on which to test it.

At this point I think we are at a 1.0 release, but just need to get 
installers for the different OSes. I am tempted to do the release and 
add the installers later. But, I think that an installer will make it 
look that much more polished. Any opinions?

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