[jsword-devel] Upgrade to most recent packages for jsword-support

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 11:22:06 MST 2005

I have just upgraded the tools under java-support/tools. I also 
documented the upgrade process in HOWTO-UPGRADE.txt in each of the 
folders. One of the difficulties in upgrading is figuring out which 
files we wrote (e.g. build.xml, custom.xml, ...) and which are part of 
the tool. Another difficulty was that the tool's build.xml would often 
need to change to reflect the new version number and also 
jsword-web/build.xml. The final difficulty is that we try to minimize 
the size of the download for jsword-support by trimming the package. It 
takes time to figure out what was deleted. And what is new. And 
sometimes we reorganized the contents of the tool.

I improved this by having a directory for the tool that did not have the 
version number and in this directory there are the files we maintain and 
a versioned directory containing the tool code. This now means that 
jsword-web/build.xml can reference pmd/build.xml rather than 
pmd-3.0/build.xml. The HOWTO-UPGRADE.txt contains instructions on where 
to get the tool, what to delete from it, how and whether to modify the 
build.xml and so forth.

So next time it should be a lot easier.

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