[jsword-devel] Gen 12.4 problem

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 09:50:44 MST 2005

I sent the following using the wrong e-mail account and it bounced. 
Turns out the problem was in SwordConstants a value of 413 needed to be 
313. I double checked all the other values against canon.h from Sword 
and they are right. I'll be checking this in fairly soon.


I had noticed that Gen 12.4 was causing a problem in the NASB. So I 
assumed that it was a problem with the module. Later I saw that WEB had 
a problem with Gen 12.4. So I decided to look to see what the problem 
was. Then I found that every English bible has a problem. Still haven't 
figured it out, but after checking the modules in BibleCS, it is not a 
problem with the modules. It is a problem with JSword :-<

I thought the problem might be in SwordConstants, but a simple test 
showed it was not the problem. Still looking...

Anyway, I thought I would report a finding on the meaning of the lookup 
tables in SwordConstants that getIndex(Verse) uses.
The index table is monotonically increasing by 1 starting at 4 in Gen 
and Mat. At the beginning of each chapter it skips a number. At the 
start of a book it skips by 2.

I remember reading somewhere that Gen 0.0 gives frontmatter/intro for 
the book, Gen 1.0 for the chapter. So I guess that the skipped numbers 
refer to the index for the corresponding info.

I don't know if any module has implemented this but we could check.

How would we fit this into the scheme of a Passage? Or do we?

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