[jsword-devel] History

DM Smith dmsmith555 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 07:45:00 MST 2005

I have been debating on whether History and its navigation should be 
global or local to a tab (BibleViewPane).

I am leaning toward making it global and putting it on the toolbar. 
Should it be on a "Go" menu as well. (Bookmarks would go here as well, 
when we implement those.)

The basic elements are a back and a forward button. Hopefully these can 
have dropdowns showing what can be reached, with the ability to dig into 
the list.

Also, a dropdown of history sorted by last access time.

I think there is another improvement that should be made. Currently, if 
a BibleViewPane is labeled Gen 1 and Gen 1.10 is hypertext in a note on 
another tab, a new tab is created for Gen 1.10. I think that we should 
find the view that fully includes the reference, open that tab and 
scroll to that reference.

I think that it is sufficient for 1.0 for history to be transient.

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