[jsword-devel] Fwd: Search Index Downloading

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 13 19:05:24 MST 2004

I recently added a popup upon install that informs the user what the 
download size of the module is. I think that it would be easy to add a 
check box (that is not checked by default) to index the bible upon download.

I had not thought about it before, but I too have only indexed one or 
two bibles.

Paul Price wrote:

>OK, how about a popup when it notices new books (or a check box on the
>download) that lets the user specify which books gets indexed (and some
>explanation about indexing so the user doesn't get miffed)?
>Like you, I would only search on particular versions (usually I know the
>word I want, just not sure exactly where it is; the other mode would be
>for word studies --- where does this particular word appear, and this I
>would only do with a version I've chosen).

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