[jsword-devel] Fwd: Search Index Downloading

Joe Walker joseph.walker at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 15:27:29 MST 2004

Paul pointed out that I've *still* not learnt about reply and
reply-all in gmail. Sorry.

Paul Price <price at ifa.hawaii.edu> wrote:
> It certainly shouldn't be done at the time of the first search, but what
> about when the book is downloaded (or noticed for the first time, in the
> case of a pre-existing book)?

I like this idea, but we would need to get over the problem that
frequently books are noticed or downloaded all at the same time when
the program is first started.
Automatic first-notice indexing would lead to a program that is
unusable when it is first started.
Manual first-notice indexing could lead to some complex questions.
"I've just noticed 6 new Bibles, which of them do you want to index?"
and made more complex because Books are downloaded by clicking on a
install button and many users will pick several and then click install
individually. How do you avoid asking the same question many times
when each book download has finished. Could get very annoying.

My usage of Bible Desktop only uses search for my 2 favorite versions.
Does this pattern fit with other peoples usage?


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