[jsword-devel] installer base class

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 20:07:35 MST 2004

I also saw that much of the code is identical and the little bit that 
was different could be factored out. But I did not get around to it .
I put in the isNewer code and because we were not using the FTP 
installer, I did not think through the changes I made there.

In the case of  http, I am comparing the date of the conf in the 
download directory to the date of the zip file on crosswire.org.
I don't remember why but comparing the date of a local directory to a 
zip file did not work.

However in the case of ftp, the directory will not contain a conf file. 
This is because we download each file rather than the zip.

I think that the ftp probably should download the zip as well as it it a 
single transaction.

Joe Walker wrote:

>I'm spending a few minutes creating a common base class from the Http
>and Ftp installers. I'm mostly done, but I noticed that isNewer() in
>the 2 classes is slightly different. The HTTP version extends the
>local URL by doing:
>SwordBookMetaData sbmd = (SwordBookMetaData) bmd;
>local = NetUtil.lengthenURL(local, sbmd.getDiskName() +
>Should the FTP version be doing this too?
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