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Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Thu May 27 07:34:37 MST 2004

JSword was previously called ProjectB which grew from a project vaguely 
along just these lines I think.

I exported the KJV text from the OnLine Bible and ran a program to 
extract the words along with the strongs numbers that related to the 
word. I then put it all into an access database so I could look up the 
strongs numbers that gave rise to any English word and the visa-versa.

I planned to extend this by creating an automatic translation by 
defaulting a translation of every Greek word (according to popularity). 
Such youthful ideas! This would then be an interesting way to dig around 
with the senses of various words.

There is a remnant of this in org.crosswire.jsword.book.StudyTool. But 
code doesn't even start to address meaning.

I came across WordNet some time ago while designing the search engine 
and investigating extending searches using a thesaurus.
WordNet knows all about senses - that's where the net bit comes in.

Not sure any of that is much use though - I think you wanted a book with 
the answers in now!


DM Smith wrote:
> My daughter asked me to help her find a book that would index a bible 
> according to the underlying Greek and Hebrew words and provide a 
> thorough definition of those words according to the context.
> That is for a given word it may have multiple definitions, she wants to 
> be able to pick a word according to its definition and find all the 
> places that is used. The way she wants to pick a word is from the 
> English in a particular verse she is studying.
> I was in seminary before Strongs was numbered, so I have done this by 
> brute force using lots of books. I am not familiar with what is 
> available today. I use Strongs, Vines, Kittles, Nestles, interlinears 
> and various commentaries.
> I have two questions:
> 1) What books would you use to do this?
> 2) How would this be added to Bible Desktop? (post 1.0)
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