[jsword-devel] BookChooser i18n

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Wed May 5 14:20:25 MST 2004

There are a number of bits of unused code - generally only in the swing 
Our options are:
1. ignore them, they probably only cost us a few k on a download and 
then if we need them they are very handy. Maybe we can find a tool that 
will strip unwanted stuff out of a jar file.
2. move them into a new java/dead directory so we can leave them out of 
the jar easily, but they are still fairly handy if we need to resurrect them
3. move them into jsword-support/java/historic, the traditional code 
mortuary. Code here is not on any classpath and so will rot quicker than 
the earlier suggestions through lack of attention in any refactoring
4. delete them, we can re-write or dig around in CVS if needs be.

My approach has been 1 because that's the only way I can be sure I 
wouldn't re-write them. 2 just seems confusing, 3 means they will rot 
and be useless when you do want them and 4 means we'll loose them in CVS.

Don't have strong feelings though, if anyone has a good reason to adopt 
2-4 please shout.

I seem to remember an IBM alphaworks tool that would strip jars out. Not 
thought about it for a while though.


DM Smith wrote:
> My take is to either do nothing or delete it.
> I have marked it DEAD.
> Joe Walker wrote:
>> Yes, It's not good. I have to admit I thought to myself - it's not 
>> used so I'm taking a hack solution, and the first letter has to be 
>> good in most languages.
>> If you have a very trivial fix that is very easy then it might be 
>> worth it, but given that the widget is unused and may never be used I 
>> didn't think it was worth any time now.
>> Joe.
>> DM Smith wrote:
>>> BookChooser uses the first character of the buttons as a mnemonic.
>>> This is fine in English, but might be incorrect in another language.
>>> I am looking at changing it to use ActionFactory.
>>> So I need to test the changes.
>>> Any suggestions on how to test changes to BookChooser.
>>> I don't think it is used anywhere?
>>> If it is not used, what should be done?
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