[jsword-devel] BookChooser i18n

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Mon May 3 09:07:41 MST 2004

My take is to either do nothing or delete it.
I have marked it DEAD.

Joe Walker wrote:
> Yes, It's not good. I have to admit I thought to myself - it's not used 
> so I'm taking a hack solution, and the first letter has to be good in 
> most languages.
> If you have a very trivial fix that is very easy then it might be worth 
> it, but given that the widget is unused and may never be used I didn't 
> think it was worth any time now.
> Joe.
> DM Smith wrote:
>> BookChooser uses the first character of the buttons as a mnemonic.
>> This is fine in English, but might be incorrect in another language.
>> I am looking at changing it to use ActionFactory.
>> So I need to test the changes.
>> Any suggestions on how to test changes to BookChooser.
>> I don't think it is used anywhere?
>> If it is not used, what should be done?

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