[jsword-devel] Applying patch

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Fri Jun 25 04:23:20 MST 2004


I'm applying DMS's big patch. Lots has gone in already.

I'm not sure of the reasoning being splitting up ResourceUtil?

EventListenerList I have not deleted, because it is there for a good 
reason for it. If you include swing code in non-gui code then you can 
end up not being able to run your code in a headerless environment 
because X includes Y which includes Font which tries to lookup font 
metrics and then everything dies. I appreciate the Headerless changes in 
1.4 , but my rule (from before 1.4) was "Don't include swing code from 
non-swing code", and I enforced that by making sure all my swing code 
was in a package with swing in the name and by making sure that the word 
swing was not in any non-swing code (hence I spelled it sw*ng in comments)
That way some simple greps would tell me if the servlet front end was 
likely to die. Do you think the Headerless updates make it that the few 
k lost by this code are not worth the ability to do a grep check?

I'm sure I wrote some detailed notes of getRaw() did they get lost? The 
short version is - what about modules with binary sources, or sources 
that are computed at runtime, etc?

I've created a few 'limbo' directories to hold source that could be 
useful but that isn't required now.


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