[jsword-devel] monster check-in

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 17:16:47 MST 2004

Joe Walker wrote:
> Changes:
> - general bug hunt - no point listing
> - more work on having only one ActionFactory
> - dont need tool tips on top level menus
> - finished making BookDataDisplay the central interface for viewing
>    BookData menubar tidy-up
> - (unfinished) moving of list blur/delete options to be list buttons
> - cancel button on progress-bar
> - search: make "moses aaron" do "moses & aaron"
> - search: general tidyup" "/bibledesktop"
> This includes many fixes from your patch DM thanks.
> 2 parts I've not checked-in are i18n field names and i18n case changes.
> I'd like to have a quick debate about the first (separate mail - probably
> tomorrow)
> There where several places where you had changed i18n to I18N, was this to
> fire off an eclipse task tag or a side effect of something else, or on a
> point of order?
It was to remove it as being listed as an eclipse task tag.
> Thanks,
> Joe.

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