[jsword-devel] Other projects

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Fri Jul 30 11:33:50 MST 2004

Hi Troy,

What are the other projects doing wrt svn? are we the only people worrying?

I guess the real question is, how much of a hassle would it be for us to 
stay with cvs until we are done with 1.0 (or for the next 2 months which 
ever is sooner)?

If we are going to cause you a hassle then lets try svn, otherwise I'd 
like a little breathing space. I suppose the issue is the need to run 

We could always use sourceforge, or even my home PC for a while if needs 
be, that way the new crosswire box would be cvs free and we could move 
across at our leisure.


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