[jsword-devel] Keys and Passages

Joe Walker joe at eireneh.com
Fri Jul 16 01:09:17 MST 2004


I've refactored KeyList and Key into a combined Key type, and although 
there were a few points where I thought "This is too big" it has worked 
out OK.
While I'm at it I'm making Passage and Key more similar, which reduces 
the complexity of things quite a bit.

Now it occurs to me that while we are making Key be a more standard tree 
structure, there are ways in which it is decidedly not tree like. With a 
tree I can dig down and find a node and then add child nodes to that 
node. Thinking about Biblical references or dictionaries, though we are 
not like that. I can dig down and get the Gen 1 node, but what if I add 
"Mat 1" to that node?

I think the answer is that the points in our node tree have built-in 
knowledge about their position within the tree (not normal behavior for 
a tree node) AND the only mutable node is the root node.

Do we need to separate out Key into RootKey and ImmutableChildKey? (I'm 
sure there are better names)

Hope to check in soon.


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