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>Subject:        [sword-support] jsword bug
>Date:   Fri, 23 Jan 2004 18:43:09 EST
>From:   Savedup2@aol.com
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>i am getting a cannot find resource config.xml error message. please
>tell me how to correct this so i can use the jsword engine

Hi !

Since Joe (main and only developer) is away (I think he is at least), I 
will answer this question. We (jsword community) are in process of changing 
instalation software, since there are some problems with InstallShield 
which is currently in use... I think that new version (with WinAmp 
Installer) will be available shortly.

How you can run this version (if you have just a little experience with 
java you can make it run):
1. Go to directory where you installed JSword
2. cd bin; run jsword.bat  (this should get JSword runing, there will be 
some errors writtten, discard them)

So far this is all you can get to. We need to make some changes. I was 
never able to run installed version, but I got to run version that I got 
from CVS... If I were you I would try to get version from CVS, compile it 
and run it... If yopu need more help contact me directly 
andy@kksonline.com, and I will try to help you anyway I can...

Good luck.

P.S.: We'll have that fixed as soon as Joe gets back...

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